Inventors Contest Judges Panel


Enrique Monteagudo, Esq.

Enrique Monteagudo is a registered patent attorney and is admitted to the State Bar of Arizona. Mr. Monteagudo specializes in electrical and mechanical systems and devices. He has over 10 years experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications in corporate, startup, law firm, and solo practice settings.

When evaluating a candidate’s contest application, he will be paying particular attention to the patentability of the candidate’s invention disclosure.


Kathryn Thompson

Kathryn Thompson is a former patent examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Currently, Mrs. Thompson is an active patent consultant and regularly drafts patent applications for inventors under the supervision of a registered patent practitioner.

Having seen hundreds of patent applications come over her desk as a former examiner for the Patent Office, Kathryn will be focused on potential novelties of the candidate’s invention disclosure.


Lisa Lloyd

Lisa Lloyd is an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a successful product licensing and marketing guru. Ms. Lloyd has generated over 30 million dollars in sales, has 12 patents to her name, and has assisted hundreds of startup ventures as a trusted adviser.

When evaluating a candidate’s contest application, Ms. Lloyd will be assessing the prospective commercial viability of the candidate’s inventive product concept.


Rex Adams

Rex Adams is a serial inventor who recently received his first issued patent on a unique marinade injector. Mr. Adams has extensive expertise in automotive mechanics and owns and manages a restoration shop in Tempe.

When reviewing a candidate’s contest application, Mr. Adams will reflect on a candidate’s background and story in coming up with his/her inventive concept.


Ryan Lazio

Ryan Lazio is an investor and financial partner. He has been successfully investing in real estate and other intellectual property ventures over the past 5 years.

As a judge, Mr. Lazio will be considering the financial upside and downside from the view of a “shark” or financial backer.



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